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About Us

. The Kingsplum Family:

A part of PGSG, Kingsplum has a selected range of premium bathroom furniture,all at market leading prices that you simple won’t find anywhere else. We believe you shouldn’t always have to pay full price, and so we work hard on finding the best deals but also doing it with the amazing customer service and support that our group is so well known for.


. Our Product & Clearance Process:

Any retailer that buys and sells product will have the problem not being able to sell all the stock they bought. Some stock can get damaged, some stock is superseded and becomes last years model, and some stock is returned from customers likely because the product didn’t fit or maybe because of change of mind.

What we receive on a daily basis varies but can be broken into three different:

 - Cosmetic Imperfection:

They may have a few scratches or marks, but who said scars can’t be sexy especially with a huge price reduction.

 - New Condition:

These guys may of have been removed from their box but are very handsome appliances, with no physical scratches or marks.

 - Runout:

If you’re after a brand new product in it’s box but at a heavily reduced price, we have you covered with our range of run out clearance items.


. Our Awesome Delivery Service

If you have ever bought from PGSG or Kingsplum Online you will know about the amazing delivery service we provide, because we offer the exact same thing! Being apart of the PGSG, our warehousing and delivery is shared so when you buy with us you get the same amazing delivery service, same friendly drivers, and same free removal of your old product. 


. What about warranty?

When you purchase one of our  items, you receive the full standard manufacturers warranty meaning that if something goes wrong within the warranty period, you’re covered just as well as if you purchased the product brand new. In any event anything goes wrong with a product you got from us, just give us a call or send us a Service Call Request and we’ll work with you until your problem is solved.


. What Our Customers Say

Our customers give us feedback in one of two ways. They either leave feedback via our internal feedback tool.

We’re not perfect, not every single order or delivery goes to plan but we pride ourselves on our ability to meet and exceed customer expectations, and the feedback we receive on a day to day basis is proof we’re not doing too bad.